PECL::HTTP 0.20.0 outta door

Posted by m6w6 on 15th December 2005 in Mike's sudden inspirations: PHP

Version 0.20.0 of pecl/http has been released!
This is considered the most stable and friggin best release so far ;) so you’re really encouraged to upgrade.

Release notes follow:

  • Request functionality requires libcurl >= 7.12.3 now
  • Added ‘bodyonly’ request option
  • Added IOCTL callback for cURL
  • Added ssl_engines array and cookies array to the request info array
  • Added http_parse_cookie() to parse Set-Cookie headers
  • Renamed http_connectcode to connect_code in the request info array
  • Enable “original headers” previously stripped off by the
    message parser:
    o X-Original-Transfer-Encoding (Transfer-Encoding)
    o X-Original-Content-Encoding (Content-Encoding)
    o X-Original-Content-Length (Content-Length)
  • RequestExceptions thrown by HttpRequestPool::__construct() and
    send() are now wrapped into the HttpRequestPoolException
    object’s $exceptionStack property
  • Removed http_compress() and http_uncompress()
    (http_deflate/inflate ambiguity)
  • Fixed bug which caused GZIP encoded archives to be decoded
  • Fixed bug with DEFLATE encoded response messages
  • Fixed several memory leaks and inconspicuous access violations
  • Fixed some logical errors in the uri builder