Round up

Posted by m6w6 on 18th August 2006 in Mike's sudden inspirations: PHP

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here, mostly because I got distracted by some real private life recently ;) and due to paid work of course. Therefore I thought I’d round up what has happened behind the scenes in my PHP world.


I rewrote the output control layer for PHP-6 some months ago and I’m about to upgrade ext/zlib to see how it really works out.


I didn’t contribute that much to this upcoming release. Two things I’d like to mention are a fix for the Apache2 SAPI where each header(“Content-Type: aaa/bbb”) caused Apache to add output filters for the type to the outgoing filter chain and the addition of the error_get_last() function, which is a convenient accessor to the last occured error without fiddling around with INI(track_errors) and $php_errormsg.


There’s official documentation now available online in the PHP manual, yay! :) It’s not fully fleshed out, but gives some feeling about the provided functionality and hints on how to use this module.

php|a published an article by me about pecl/http in their Augusts issue!

There have also been three releases since 1.0, the most recent one (1.2) today. See the changes since then outlined below.


  • Improved response performance (HttpResponse, http_send API)
  • Added http_build_cookie() function
  • Added HttpQueryString::mod(array $params) method
  • Added ArrayAccess to interfaces implemented by HttpQueryString
  • Added HttpMessage::getHeader(string $name) method

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed http_parse_cookie() allowed_extras and flags parameters
  • Fixed configuration with shared dependencies
  • Fixed endless loop in http_build_url(“..”)
  • Fixed HttpResponse::capture() failure if buffered output exceeds 40k
  • Fixed HttpQueryString failures with objects as params
  • Fixed memory leaks with overloaded classes extending HTTP classes
  • Fixed build with gcc-2.95 (Thanks to Alexander Zhuravlev)
  • Fixed memory leak in inflate code (Thanks to Thomas Landro Johnsen)